William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New

William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New
William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New

William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New

William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New. This beautiful knife is brand new and has never been used or displayed, it has stayed in its original packaging as shown. The exact item shown will be sent.

This knife is limited 334/500. This item is in perfect condition as shown.

Dimensions: Blade 2.00 (50.8mm). Handle 2.63 (66.8mm). Overall open 4.63 (117.6mm). COPPER WAVE DAMASCUS - This beautiful William Henry exclusive blade steel (patent pending) incorporates copper and stainless steel into a 45-layer Wave Damascus that features a core of VG-5 stainless steel.

This steel attains a hardness of HRC 59, excellent by any standards, at the cutting edge. WAVE MOKUME - Wave Mokume is another William Henry exclusive material (patent pending) that fuses traditional metal forging with modern fabricating technology.

This alloy features copper, stainless steel, and pure iron in a 55-layer billet patterned with our undulating Wave. When highly polished and heat colored, the iron layers take on deep browns, purples, or blues according to temperature and quenching technique.

WHITE TOPAZ - Topaz is a rare, extremely hard gemstone with an exceptionally wide color range that, besides brown, includes various tones and saturations of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. The ancient Greeks believed that topaz gave them strength.

In Europe during the Renaissance (the period from the 1300s to the 1600s) people thought that topaz could break magic spells and dispel anger. For centuries, many people in India have believed that topaz worn above the heart assures long life, beauty, and intelligence.

Today, topaz is one of the US birthstones for November, while blue topaz is a birthstone for December. FOSSIL MAMMOTH BONE - From a Woolly Mammoth that walked the Earth at least 10,000 years ago. Modern humans coexisted with woolly mammoths during the Upper Paleolithic period when they entered Europe from Africa between 30,000 and 40,000 years ago. Prior to this, Neanderthals had coexisted with mammoths during the Middle Paleolithic and up to that time. Woolly mammoths were very important to Ice Age humans, and their survival may have depended on these animals in some areas. The woolly mammoth is the next most depicted animal in Ice Age art after horses and Bisons, and these images were produced up to 11.500 years ago.

Today, more than five hundred depictions of woolly mammoths are known, in media ranging from carvings and cave paintings located in 46 caves in Russia, France and Spain, to sculptures and engravings made from different materials. Itis a rare and mesmerizing material, a living testimony of the dawn of Mankind. The blade is in William Henry's signature'copper wave' Damascus steel with an extra sharp core in VG-5 steel. The button lock and thumb stud are set with white topaz.

The perfect companion for every occasion, the pikatti is the smallest of William Henry's folding knives, and the'WMMC' also features some of the most beautiful and exotic materials of our collection. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. We highly recommend everyone to zoom into our photos so you can get a better look of the item with more detail. If there is anything in question, we hope you reach out to us where we do our best to respond in a timely manner.

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William Henry Steel Pocket Knife Limited Edition 334/500 Pikatti B04 WMMC New