30 Pcs Lot! Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Folding Knife, Pocket Knives

30 Pcs Lot! Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Folding Knife, Pocket Knives

30 Pcs Lot! Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Folding Knife, Pocket Knives

30 PCS LOT OF POCKET KNIVES Custom Hand Made Damascus Steel Blade TX Flag Pocket Folding Knives, Hand crafted knives. Knives Overall Length: 6.75 Inches Approx.


We have included a photo in the product listing that displays each item alongside a measuring scale. We kindly request all buyers to refer to this photo in order to determine the precise size of each individual item, as we may not provide separate size measurements in the description. Your attention to this detail will ensure accurate understanding of the product dimensions.

Exciting Offer for Bulk Buyers! Even better, if you go for three lots at one time, we will generously give you an additional 3 pieces as our way of saying thank you. This is a limited-time offer, so don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to stock up on our top-quality products! Before purchasing please check your country laws.

Our Damascus Steel Creation Process. At our workshop, we take great pride in crafting genuine Damascus steel knives that go beyond mere acid etching. Here's a simplified overview of how we create our Damascus steel. Material Selection: We use a combination of 1095HC and 15N20 nickel carbon steel for our blades.

Layering: The selected steels are heated and folded repeatedly to achieve the desired layer count, which results in a remarkable 384 layers. Acid Burn: After the layering process, the blade is treated with acid.

This acid burn reaction brings out the satin color in the nickel and creates a blackish-gray hue in the high carbon steel. It is during this stage that the beautiful layers of Damascus steel become visible.

Blade Finishing: Simultaneously, we sharpen the blade's edge, transforming the acid-burned edge into a striking satin finish. Through our commitment to maintaining the authenticity and craftsmanship of Damascus steel, we ensure that each knife in our collection showcases the intricate layers and delivers exceptional performance. WE DON'T SELL KNIVES TO ANY ONE WHO IS UNDER AGE 18.

Leather Sheath (if pictured): Rest assured that this item is accompanied by a superior quality, extra thick leather sheath. The leather sheath is meticulously hand-tooled and sewn, exhibiting exquisite craftsmanship. Its exceptional durability is ensured by the addition of extra stitching, allowing it to endure years of rigorous and demanding use with ease. Count on this robust leather sheath to provide reliable protection and serve as a trusted companion for your knife throughout its lifetime. When needed, use a Diamond Wet Stone or better to re-sharpen the blade at 20-degrees.

When done using the item, wash it in soap and water, dry completely, coat in gun oil and store away from the sheath. Leather pulls moisture out of the air and can rust the blade if stored improperly. Your recognition will make us more confident to develop business and serve you better. We will do our best to solve out any problems to your satisfaction.

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30 Pcs Lot! Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Folding Knife, Pocket Knives